We Detect & Track Active Shooters.

Keep your campus safe. Contact us below and our sales team will reach out within 24 hours.

Like A smoke detector, for gunshots.

Detect Shots

We detect gunshots within seconds and directly report them to police, students, and faculty.

Shooter Tracking

We actively track a shooters movement throughout the interior of buildings.

Dynamic Evacuations

Our app generates dynamic evacuation routes for students and faculty, avoiding the line of fire.

Easy Installation

Our onsite hardware is almost identical to a fire alarm, meaning it's both discreet and quick to install.

What's the process?

After a consultation meeting we will begin digitally mapping all covered areas through blueprints and onsite observations. Then a detection unit will be installed into every room of the covered area, this process normally takes a day. After installation we will test each unit onsite, making sure the system is 100% functional. Finally we’ll publish your location to our app through a secure login, allowing your community to access our app in the case of an emergency.




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